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Messi que un club – Barcelona’s dependence on Messi is overwhelming



Barcelona’s increasing over-reliance on Messi is getting out of hand, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

When there is Messi, why bother?

02/02/19 Barca vs Valencia 2-2 Messi saves the day with a brace

16/02/19 Barca vs Valladolid 1-0 Messi scores a penalty

30/03/19 Barcelona vs Espanyol 2-0 Messi brace

13/04/19 Huesca vs Barca disappointing 0-0 draw

27/04/19 Barcelona vs Levante 1-0 Game that won them the title. Messi practically came off the bench to score.

04/05/19 Celta Vigo vs Barca 2-0 No Messi

19/05/19 Eibar vs Barca Messi saves the day wth a brace

When Ronaldo left Madrid for Juventus, Madrid fans had no idea that their goals were gone. Neither did they know that it would mark the beginning of a rather “wonderful” season.

They found out quite fast enough.

And just across Spain, the same issue is cropping up in arch-rivals Barcelona.

Messi has been “too” important for F.C. Barcelona this season, scoring a Messilike 56 goals in 56 games. He has been involved in 49 of Barcelona’s league goals, scoring 36 and assisting 13, with just 4 penalties. In the Champions League he was involved in 15 of Barcelona’s 26 goals, scoring 12 and assisting 3 goals in 10 appearances.

Another point to make is the fact that Messi scores too many important goals. Seen earlier in this article, Messi scored too many important goals for Barcelona this season. Against Valencia Messi scored 2 goals to draw the match. Against Levante he came off the bench to hasten the title for the Spanish giants. Against Tottenham Barcelona squandered a two goal lead and Messi came in to score 2 more goals to ensure the victory.  Time and time again Messi saves Barcelona and shows a dearth of dependency in the squad.

Let us not ignore Messi’s briliance, but let us also not sweep an expensive team flop under the carpet.

Why assemble the fifth most expensive team of all time, and depend on one of them, to deliver?

Why spend $538m on a team and depend on one player for results?

Imagine a Liverpool without Salah, and Manchester City without Aguero…without them both teams are as effective as ever. In fact, without De Bruyne Manchester City dispatched opponents comfortably, in all competitions. Fernandinho’s absence in December saw Liverpool pip them to top spot, but winning 18 in their last 19 games saw them become champions last month, by a point. It is to be said that while it is important to have integral members in the squad, they must also be able to produce when it matters. And in this Barcelona team, nobody is producing anytime soon.

Messi, at the heart of any team would be instrumental and deadly. Messi at the heart of Barca remains one of the best combinations of all time…but also reveals a disturbing fact that he alone makes things work.

So, When there is Messi, why bother?

Herein lies the problem. Other team members prefer to sit and let Messi do the work, serving as “able” deputies – and unable to deliver when called upon.

And so, comes the question. What happens when Messi leaves?

Maybe another academy graduate will take over…Alena and Co?

Barcelona had better find themselves another Messi…or go through the “Ronaldo-less” phase.

You might as well name the team Messilona, ’cause Barcelona is Messi, until he leaves the club.

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Arsenal vs Manchester united return leg




Arsenal vs Manchester united return leg

On 25th January 2019 another interesting match took place .

Arsenal vs Manchester United which resulted to 1:3.

The match started around 8:45 pm, Alexis Sanchez made a goalscoring return to put Manchester United ahead of arsenal his former team.

Alexis Sanchez has struggled for so long to produce his best after swapping emirates stadium to Old Trafford, a year ago but he was at his sharpest to take Romelu Lukaku’s superb reverse pass in his stride and round peter Cech to give Manchester United a 31 minutes lead against Arsenal.

Romelu Lukaku was still the creator two minutes later as Jesse Lingard’s precise doubled united win advantage even though Aubameyang pulled one goal to make it 1:2 but still, the team was on fire and in controł.

Manchester united keeper Sergio Romero’s super save Aaron Ramsey at the start of the second half was indeed crucial in keeping Arsenal at bar and manchester united were barely troubled aftward .

Not for long Anthony Martial came from bench wrapping up the great win four manchester united, with 3 to 1 goal.

Manchester had a bad start this season but after the manager’s sack and appointment of the new acting Coach, everything has changed the club is achieving and recording more success of which they just did one against Arsenal and Tottenham some weeks back.

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Celebrity News

Christiano Ronaldo accepts £17 million fine




Ronaldo agreed on a deal with Spanish tax authorities to pay a fine of £17 millions

Ronaldo agreed on a deal with Spanish tax authorities to pay a fine of £17 millions which has saved him from 23-months jail which is up to 2 years imprisonment, the 33 years old that played for real Madrid from the year 2009-2018 then moved to Juventus just ending of last year, was accused of tax evasion by the Spanish tax authorities and on 22nd January 2019 being on Tuesday which is just two days back, he was called to order, the trial lasted only for 15 minutes as the court just wanted him to sign the tax settlement deal which is almost two times what he owes them, now he had no choice but to sign cause of his freedom he could have been imprisoned for 23 months that’s 2 years , Christiano Ronaldo came out after signing the deal with his agent, holding hands together, what’s your own view do u think what they did is fair?

Endevour to comment your opions

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Former five weight World Champion Floyd Mayweather Makes 32 million in 120 seconds.



Nasukawa, lost after a conceiving canvas strikes

Floyd Mayweather only needed 139 seconds (two minutes) to send his opponent, Tenshin Nasukawa a their exhibition match.

Currently, the American Boxer stands a chance of putting 32 million in his back pocket

Nasukawa, lost after a conceiving canvas strikes from Floyd Mayweather

Nasukawa, lost after a conceiving canvas strikes from Floyd Mayweather.

American and popular boxer, Floyd Mayweather, on 31 Dec. went to in the ring with professional Kick boxing star Tenshin Nasukawa with three great knock downs in the exhibition match hosted Japan.

The boxer now stand the chance of winning 32 million after winning the match in just two minutes

Nasukawa, who is twenty one years younger than his Floyd Mayweather opponent lost the match after a conceiving canvas strikes.

Despite starting the fight with good and amazing effort, Nasukawa was destroyed by his opponent Mayweather.

The five times weight Champion left the arena with 32 the sum of thirty-two million in his possession, and a record of 50-0 in 2017.

The 41 years old Boxer made a comment after the boxer.

He called the Japanese boxer a worthy competitor with great passion for the game before exiting the arena.

He also said: “we are still undefeated. He is a great champion and a great fighter.”

Mayweather said he is still retired and not willing to return to boxing.

“I came back for entertainment, and for the people of Japan” Floyd added.

the retired boxer gifted his trophy to his defeated opponent after the bout.

few hours before the exhibition match Floyd Mayweather took it out on social media to all haters who think he is arrogant.

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